Security tag removers for sale at Tag Detacher. Find high quality security tag detachers, s3 handkey detacher key, handheld tag detacher, detacher hook key, sensor remover, golf magnetic tag remover and other tag remover magnets in our store.

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The universal security tag remover 20000GS is the strongest EAS tag detacher magnet that we stock. Quickly remove ink security tag from clothes, as well as other different types of security tags as you serve customers in your store. This beeper remover offers amazing strength as a security tag remover for clothes. It is a very powerful clothing security tag remover which exceeds expectation. As a security tag removal tool, the 20000GS magnetic tag detacher is able to open almost all security tags easily.

Security tag removers work hand in hand with the EAS clothing security tags, and they are known as a tag detacher or deactivator,  sensor remover, beeper remover or detagger. These are devices used to deactivate, detach or decouple the EAS security tags. The 20000GS ink tag remover is the most powerful security tag remover magnet in its class.