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Buy Alpha S3 handkey security tag remover

Buy the Alpha S3 handkey security tag remover for S3 Alpha clothing security tags, spider wire, hangers and hooks. While busy serving your clients, the S3 spider wire remover key assists you to promptly detach security tag from clothing. The S3 handkey for S3 Alpha tags is a magnetic security tag remover which works on the following EAS Alpha S3 tags, hangers and hooks: 2 alarm spider wraps, 3 alarm spider wraps, safer, display pegboard hook, bottle tag, Alpha 2 and 3 alarms and CD / DVD games disk keepers. The S3 key will form an integral part of your equipment for preventing shoplifting. Save a lot of valuable time by employing this high quality S3 Alpha security tag remover magnet. This magnetic clothing security tag remover device comprises of a detacher magnet rated at 5000GS.

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We offer several magnets that remove security tags from clothing. As you assist customers in your store, you can quickly remove security tags from clothing with these clothing security tag remover tools.

The universal security tag remover magnet 15000GS. Are you interested in learning how to remove a security tag that is magnetic?

This is a very popular hard tag remover magnet with a strength of 15000GS. This magnetic tag remover for clothing removes all kinds of standard tags thanks to its powerful permanent detacher magnet. This EAS clothing security tag remover tool weighs in at 0.65kg, and measures 80 X 80 X 50mm. Very simple to utilize.

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Go ahead and peruse our choice of store security tag removers.