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For all your retail tag solutions, there are many online suppliers that offer you various brands of retail tags. There are various types of retail tags available in the form of basic ones, colored price tags, computer tags, sale price tags, price cards and so on. This could be the best form of advertising and a cost-effective one at that. You can buy either the printed ones with the regular details such as style, stock, size, price, number and so on or you can have a blank, white tag.

universal security tag remover

Universal security tag remover ink tag detacher magnet 20000GS detagger

One of the strongest universal security tag removers. It boasts of a strong security tag detacher magnet. This universal EAS security tag detacher ink tag remover 20000GS is a powerful clothing sensor remover magnet. Remove ink tag security tags and other types of security tags easily from clothes as you serve customers in your store. This universal clothes security tag detacher / beeper sensor remover has a magnetic force of 20000GS. The EAS universal security tag remover is a very powerful clothing tag removal tool which answers the question how to remove security tag from clothing. This magnetic tag detacher is able to remove pins from almost all magnetic hard tags. This is the most powerful magnetic tag detacher in its class. It has a super magnetic aluminium coating which gives it its silvery color.

This security tag detagger is compatible with all standard or super lock EAS tags, EAS safer and EAS products; Golf tag, Ink tag, Wine tag, Checkpoint tag, Spider tag, Hammer tag, UFO tag, Milk can tag, Square tag, H&M  tag, Uniqlo  sensor tag. It is suitable for use in supermarkets, fashion stores, or any store where there is a need to save time by using a strong universal tag detacher magnet. This is a high quality security tag removal tool. The sensor remover magnet, rated at a magnetic force of 20000GS, makes it one of the most powerful security tag detachers in the market.

There are many retail price tags supplied by many brands through online dealers. These are available in the basic type with size, number, price and so on printed on it. You can also buy the plain ones and have it customized with details and size of your preference.

You can even purchase the retail security tags, which are offered by online dealers in the form of package deals. You can easily install the shoplifting security system as the online dealers also provide you with free phone tech support in many cases. You can also choose the ink tags for retail security tags. The ink cartridge inside the tag breaks when the steel pin is cut or tampered in any way. You can even use it with your existing EAS theft deterrents or even without a detection system at the exit of the store.

Retail hang tags are very important for branding your product. You need to show off your logo as promotional material. You can have your brand name, logo and a unique die cut shape. This makes it stand out in a crowd of thousands of tags. Many online retailers also offer customizing with templates and there are many paper stock options with different sizes all having drilled holes. It is also possible to color print on both sides and you can custom trim to size. These full-color hang tags can reinforce your brand and is typically associated with clothing retailers.

Hang tags should typically show what the clothes or any other item will look like when in use. Photographs should be used with the tags along with your logo. If you are a green company, you can remind them of that too on the tag.

When you shop for your regular grocery items, you would have surely noticed the retail shelf tag or sticker next to the product. They are called shelf tags and this helps the customer to identify the product and also gives other information. Now, you can buy these shelf tags from online dealers. The retail tags have all the necessary items printed on them such as product id number, product description, product size and unit of measurement.

The merchandise security tags are available at all online stores along with easy steps for installation, for store loss prevention. You can also buy other related accessories such as security tag detachers from You can purchase diverse sorts of store security tag remover gadgets at Some of our most mainstream items are: Universal security tag remover 15000GS, Gator security beeper remover ultragator security tag detacher and Alpha S3 key tag remover key EAS Display Hook Hanger Releaser S3 detacher key spider wrap key etc.

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