How to remove clothing security tag

As a store owner, you probably use EAS security tags to protect your goods. As a result, you need a universal security tag remover as part of your anti-theft equipment. Which means you will need to know how to open security tag. If you go to most of the big retailers, you will see that they have electronically tagged their expensive goods with retail security tags. A security tag remover is sometimes called a beeper remover, sensor remover or buzzer popper. It’s possible to tag all the products including beauty products and alcohol. Usually, retail stores use these security tags to secure items that are most commonly stolen. As a matter of fact, security tags offer a simple solution for businesses to secure their stock. Usually retail security tag detacher magnet is required to deactivate such tags.

How do security tags work? In simple words, security tags are designed to send an alert when products in a store are moved through a security barrier. These tags are attached onto the product packages. When a shoplifter tries to steal the package and passes through the barrier, the tag will set off the alarm sending an alert to the security.The staff at the store can detach or deactivate the tags for their customers using the relevant security tag remover device. So, their genuine customers won’t face any embarrassing situation. The fact of the matter is that these tags prevent shoplifters from stealing stuff from retail stores. As said before,these tags can be used on any product sold at the stores.

Given below are 5 major benefits of these tags.5 Great Benefits of Tags for security:

1) Affordable. Since security tags are sold in bulk, you can get a discount when buying them. While they may cost you a good amount of money, you will save a great deal of money in the long run. The protection you will get is worth the investment. That’s the reason the product is an effective solution for small as well as large businesses.
2) Ease of use. The great thing about the product is that it is very easy to use. This means that you can use them on a wide range of products. While they are easy to apply, they can’t be removed without a special device called a deactivator. So, the shoplifters won’t be able to remove them.
3) Easy deactivation. With a deactivator, it’s easy to remove the tags in a few seconds. So, your customers don’t need to wait for the tags to be removed before they leave your store. Unlike other gadgets, security tags are not complex items.
4)Peace of mind. With security tags on each product at a store, the staff and customers will have a peace of mind. All the staff at a store will be able to focus on their jobs as they will have peace of mind that any attempt to steal the products will be detected. Moreover, the customers will also be satisfied that they are in a safe store.
5) Reliability. Security tags are very reliable as they can’t be removed without the special devices known as deactivators, clothing security tag detacher or clothes security tag remover. Once the deactivator has been used, the tag won’t set the alarm off when the customer passes through the security barrier. So, the devices are almost 100% reliable..So, if you run a store and want to improve the anti-theft security system at your store, you may want to consider installing tags, and purchasing their corresponding magnetic security tag remover for clothes. sells both to enable you to serve your customers quicker.

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Remove security tag from clothing with this sensor remover, golf security tag detacher 12000GS. A powerful EAS security tag detacher magnet which easily detaches Radio Frequency (RF) tags. Fast and easy magnet tag removal. Comes with instructions on remove clothing security tag magnet. This EAS magnetic store security tag remover is designed to be placed on the countertop, in the point-of-sale area, and secured from the base (there are multiple holes underneath for this purpose). It is approximately 71mm in diameter (2.8in), and weighs about 400g (14oz). This clothes security tag remover contains a strong permanent detacher magnet and removes all kinds of standard tags. In case you are wondering how to remove a security tag from clothes using this detacher, it is actually very easy to use. The video shows how to remove a clothing security tag with a tag detacher magnet. Rated at 12,000GS (Gauss) this product is one of the most powerful store security tag removers available. The superlock golf tag detacher is compatible with mini hard tags, large hard tags, golf tags, mini clam tags, regular clam tags, stylus tags,  mini stylus tags, mini stylus with lanyard tag.  The superlock golf clothing alarm tag remover 12000GS is constructed of an outer aluminium coating. Inside are several neodymium magnets (rare earth magnets) that are glued together as one piece in the shape of a cross. These magnets give it its awesome detaching strength, enabling it to open most security tags.

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