How to remove security tag from clothing

Would you like to buy a security tag remover for quick clothing tag removal in your store? Our store answers your needs when it comes to how to remove security tag. We stock a variety of store security tag removers and security tags which can be found on the Products page. You should be protecting your merchandise with RF security tags. Security tag removers, or tag detachers are used to deactivate the RF tags when customers purchase the goods. These retailt store security tag removers are also known as detaggers, beeper removers or store sensor removers.

First up is the universal security tag remover ink tag detacher magnet 20000GS detagger. This is one of the strongest universal security tag removers. It boasts of a strong security tag detacher magnet. This universal EAS security tag detacher ink tag remover 20000GS is a powerful clothing sensor remover magnet. Remove ink tag security tags and other types of security tags easily from clothes as you serve customers in your store. This universal clothes security tag detacher / beeper sensor remover has a magnetic force of 20000GS. The EAS universal security tag remover is a very powerful clothing tag removal tool which answers the question how to remove security tag from clothing. This magnetic tag detacher is able to remove pins from almost all magnetic hard tags. This is the most powerful magnetic tag detacher in its class. It has a super magnetic aluminium coating which gives it its silvery color.

universal security tag remover

This clothing security tag remover detagger is compatible with all standard or super lock EAS tags, EAS safer and EAS products; Golf tag, Ink tag, Wine tag, Checkpoint tag, Spider tag, Hammer tag, UFO tag, Milk can tag, Square tag, H&M  tag, Uniqlo  sensor tag. It is suitable for use in supermarkets, fashion stores, or any store where there is a need to save time by using a strong universal tag detacher magnet. This is a high quality security tag removal tool. The sensor remover magnet, rated at a magnetic force of 20000GS, makes it one of the most powerful security tag detachers in the market.

About the clothes security tag remover magnet 15000GS

Magnetic Tag Detacher 15000GS EAS Security Remover 15,000 GS. This store tag remover contains a strong permanent detacher magnet and removes all kinds of standard tags. The tag detacher is able to remove pins from most magnetic hard tags.  This is the most powerful tag remover magnet in its class.  The magnetic force of the detacher magnet is 15000GS / 15,000GS / 15000 GS. This is a high quality clothes security tag removal tool. It is popular in retailing and EAS systems. Feel free to browse our selection of security tag detachers to find one suitable for your store.


  1. Color: Silvery.Dimensions: 80*80*50MM.Magnetic force: >= 15000 GS.G.W: 0.65KG.Material: Super magnetic, aluminum made.Function: stable and highly sensitive.Suitable for: supermarket, fashion shop and so on.Used with: all standard lock or super lock tags.Material: magnetic aluminum coating.
    1. Reusable product with extraordinary durability.
    2. Well-designed appearance.
    3. Easy to use.
    4. Outstanding performance on defeating resistance.
    5. High-temperature endurance.
    6. Widely-used in detaching EAS tags with remarkable detaching performance.
    7. Works with EAS tags, EAS safer and EAS products.


    This is a high quality clothes security tag removal tool.

Detacher Hook Key

This Sensormatic EAS clothes tag remover / detacher opens all security tags that come with a hole on top, in a matter of seconds, saving you and your staff a lot of time. This hook key can be used as a replacement for the detacher, or it can be used to remove the security tag by itself without the detacher.

The hook is compatible with the following EAS hard tags:

SuperTag II/III
Mini SuperTag
Alarming SuperTag
SuperTag Visible Source Tags (VST)

This retail tag detacher is capable of removing hard tags.  The hook is made of composite quality and highly resistant. This item is also a replacement part for the Sensormatic AMD 3040 / MK225 and AMD 3050.  It is also is functional by itself and can be used as an economical alternative to the AMD machine 3040 and AMD 3050, helping you remove your clothes tags quickly and efficiently.

This is a high quality clothes security tag removal tool.

Anti-theft Security Clothes Tag remover 15000GS EAS + tag detacher key hook

EAS magnetic clothes tag detacher magnet 6000GS

This EAS clothes security tag detacher 6000GS is a strong universal magnetic security tag remover. As a clothing security tag removal tool, this is an excellent detacher for EAS hard tags. It consists of a security detacher magnet with a magnetic force of 6000GS. This store security tag detacher works on EAS tags, EAS safer and EAS products. The product’s design incorporates a magnetic aluminum coating, which encases a powerful security tag detacher magnet. It’s dimensions are: 70mm Diameter x 22.5mm height. It weighs approximately 200g. The Store Security Tag Detacher 6000GS is a very well-crafted,  reusable product with extraordinary durability. It is also very easy to use, while offering outstanding tag removal performance. It will certainly help you and your staff to perform your duties quickly and efficiently. This tag remover magnet enables you to remove security tag easily.