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To protect merchandise and reduce shoplifting, security tags and labels are the most effective strategies employed by retailers worldwide. Magnetic security tag detachers and security tags are the critical components of an EAS system. The security tag assumes the job of a signal transmitter, which is attached to the items that are under protection. When this item comes within a specific range of the EAS antenna, the tag will activate the alarm signal.

When a customer buys the product, the security tag needs to be removed. This function is easy and straightforward and is accomplished with the use of a security tag remover device, which is installed, or mounted on the counter at the Point of Sale. The security tag removal tool comes in 2 types; a mechanical device which is usually operated manually. and a high-power clothes tag detacher magnet. The clothing tag sensor remover releases the security tag’s locking mechanism, thereby allowing the tag to be detached from the item.

Tagdetacher’s range of store security tag detachers deliver effectiveness and efficiency, ease of use, and compatibility with most point-of-sale requirements. We offer a wide range of mechanical and magnetic security tag detachers to easily remove hard tags at the point-of-sale (POS) in your store. Our tag remover devices come in several designs with a variety of mounting options suitable for nearly almost any POS environment. This arrangement ensures quick and efficient operation while speeding up throughput and enhancing the customer checkout experience.

An EAS tag detacher, also known as an EAS magnetic tag detacher, or an EAS security tag remover, is a device specifically designed for the removal of security tags or labels from retail items that have been protected with EAS technology in the retail industry.

The EAS security tag detacher works by using a strong detacher magnet to release the locking mechanism incorporated into the security tag, allowing it to be removed from the item it is attached to. This beeper remover is typically used by store employees at the point of sale or at customer service stations to remove security tags from purchased items.

Alpha S3 Handkey

s3 handkey

The S3 Handkey for alpha s3 tags offers superior aesthetics, ease of use and ergonomic improvements, which are in line with the level of unparalleled security demanded of such a product. This spider wire remover key uses a security tag remover magnet to detach compatible tags from protected merchandise. Among others, it’s good for 2 alarm and 3 alarm spider wrap removal. This detacher key contains a security tag detacher magnet with an intensity of 5000GS. Buy the S3 hand key here.

The strongest tag detacher that we stock is the universal security tag remover 20000GS detacher magnet.

20000GS-universal tag detacher

The 20000GS universal security tag remover ink tag detacher magnet detagger is the most powerful magnetic tag detacher that we have. This beeper remover is able to remove pins from almost all magnetic hard tags. It enables you to remove ink tag security tags and other types of security tags easily from clothes as you serve customers in your store. The EAS ink tag is another type of security tag used to prevent theft or shoplifting in retail stores. It contains an electronic article surveillance (EAS) device that sets off an alarm if someone tries to leave the store with a tagged item.

Should anyone attempt to remove it by force, it typically triggers the release of non-shedding ink which stains the stolen item and serves as a deterrent to future theft attempts. The ink may also have a warning print or message to further discourage shoplifting.

EAS ink tags come in various technologies, including AM (Acoustic Magnetic) and RF (Radio Frequency), and can be designed to meet different environmental requirements. They are the ideal option for retailers as a cost-effective and efficient solution to protect their merchandise and reduce theft.

When picking up a piece of clothing at a retail store, you may have noticed a security tag filled with ink, and wondered what it was. There’s an important reason security tags are filled with ink; it can be a helpful measure for retailers in terms of loss-prevention.

When an item with an ink tag is purchased at a store, the cashier will remove it with a special device called a security tag detacher after the customer pays. But if a shoplifter tries to sneak out of the store with an item that still has an ink tag attached, they won’t be able to remove it without destroying the garment. Ink tags pose no risk or inconvenience to well-intentioned buyers but are a deterrent to anyone with the intention to steal from the retailer. If the ink tag is broken, ink will leak on the item, which thus ruining it and rendering it less appealing to the would-be-thief.

Handheld Detacher Gun Detagger Security Tag Remover

The Sensormatic manual handheld clothing tag detacher gun is ergonomically designed to comfortably fit in your hand, enabling you to easily remove the SuperTag 4 tag from your protected merchandise at the point-of-sale, for quick and efficient operation while enhancing productivity.

  • It boasts of a rugged construction which helps ensure reliable operation in spite of everyday use which might involve a few drops and bumps here and there.
  • This store security tag remover does not require electric power or batteries for operation.
  • Integrated lanyard helps prevent removal from the store.
  • The ambidextrous design allows for all shop assistants to be quick and efficient in the removal of SuperTag tags from your protected merchandise to speed up checkout and alleviate unnecessary shopper delays

Another handheld type of detacher is the Ultra-Gator Manual Handheld Detacher.

The UltraGator Manual Handheld Detacher is designed for comfort and easy tag removal at the point-of-sale (POS). This security tag detacher gun works on all microwave and ultramax gator style tags. This device provides a lightweight, portable detacher solution. The easy to use Gator Hand Held Detacher has a lanyard which enables it to be fastened down to the counter next to each selling station.

  • The integrated lanyard helps prevent unauthorized use and removal from the store.
  • The ultra gator detacher does not need electric power or batteries for operation.
  • Its lightweight and portable design helps the store assistant to comfortably and easily remove Ultra-Gator Tags at the point-of-sale.
  • It boasts of a rugged construction which helps ensure reliable operation in spite of everyday use which might involve a few drops and bumps here and there.

12000GS Superlock Golf Security Tag Detacher Security Tag Remover

Designed for quick and efficient removal of magnetic security tags from merchandise at the point-of-sale (POS), this high-strength detaching unit ensures that security is provided for a full line of products.

This high-strength magnetic security tag detacher opens a large variety of magnetic release security tags including Checkpoint & Knogo tags. As a clothing security tag removal tool, the Superlock golf detacher is an excellent tag detacher for hard tags. Use this tag detacher to quickly and efficiently remove security tag from clothes, thereby accelerating checkout and alleviating unnecessary shopper delays. The compact design and flexible installation options allow maximum use of checkout space. The design incorporates a magnetic aluminum coating, which encases a powerful security tag detacher magnet. Our detacher is a reusable product with extraordinary durability. It is also very easy to use, while offering outstanding tag removal performance. It will certainly help you and your staff to perform your duties quickly and efficiently.


Detacher hook key security tag remover for Sensormatic tags

This is the security tag detacher key hook replacement arm for Sensormatic security tags. The detacher hook sensor remover key can be used as a replacement for the Sensormatic detacher unit, or it can be used on its own as a clothing security tag remover without the handheld detacher gun. This clothes security tags remover hook removes Sensormatic EAS clothes security tags with ease. The high quality security tag detacher hook key removes the security tag from clothes effortlessly in a matter of seconds.

detacher hook key

Security Tags

Security tags are commonly used to protect valuable items like clothing, accessories, spectacles etc. They usually have a hard external casing which houses a transmitter. This transmitter is in constant communication with the antenna guarding the entrance to the store.

There are two common types of locking mechanisms used within the security tag industry:

  • Magnetic locks
  • Mechanical locks

In the case of magnetic locks there are different strengths available, ranging from standard to SuperLock, HyperLock and Multipolar. The higher the magnetic strength, the more difficult the tag is to remove without the detacher.

security tags

Universal clothing security tag remover magnet 15000GS EAS beeper remover

This universal clothing security tag detacher has a magnetic force of 15000GS. The universal clothes security tag remover with a powerful 15000GS clothing sensor remover magnet. Remove security tags from clothes easily as you serve customers in your store with this powerful hard tag detacher magnet. The EAS universal clothes alarm remover is a very powerful clothing tag removal tool which answers the question how to remove security tag from clothing.


Superlock golf store alarm tag removal tool 12000gs. The 12000GS universal superlock golf magnetic clothes sensor tag detacher is a powerful store security tag remover. The security tag detacher magnet has a strength of 12000GS. It offers amazing detaching strength for Radio Frequency (RF) security tags.

Clothing security tag remover EAS magnetic tag detacher 6000GS sensor remover

The universal clothing security tag detacher magnet sensor remover tool 6000GS detagger removes various security tags including Checkpoint & Knogo tags. As a clothing security sensor removal tool, this is an excellent detacher for EAS hard tags. Use the tag detacher 6000GS to quickly remove security tag from clothes and save time in your store. It consists of a security tag detacher magnet with a magnetic force of 6000GS. Buy this clothing security tag remover which boasts of a high quality design.


Glasses optical security tag detacher remover EAS sunglassess tag opener

The spectacles tag detacher is made out of stainless steel with a hardened plastic handle, just like a screwdriver. This EAS sunglasses security tag detacher is also known as an optical spectacles security tag remover or opener.

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