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Do you want to buy the iain sinclair cardsharp 2 credit card utility knife, which is less bulky than a pocket knife and as sharp as a scalpel? This new version includes a stiffer body, and a safety lock to prevent it from accidentally opening. The cardsharp ii folding credit card safety knife is a slim pocket knife that flattens out to the size and shape of a credit card for storage and transport. The cardsharp2 utility knife’s blade is made from surgical stainless steel, and the polypropylene body features a built-in sheath. This makes the credit card knife a superlight and supersharp utility knife, the same size as a credit card. Just 3 folds are needed to transform and prep the knife for use, metamorphosing the cardsharp 2 knife from credit card size to utility knife in a flash. This is the type of pocket knife that turns heads due to its serious appeal, with its slim profile, light weight and unique deployment.

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Credit card knife Cardsharp 2 Iain Sinclair knife Black

The iain sinclair cardsharp2 credit card knife is a super light and super sharp knife in a credit card shaped and sized package. This second generation cardsharp knife has an improved safety locking mechanism for the blade. This ingenious locking mechanism prevents accidental cuts when the cardsharp 2 credit card knife is closed. The unique safety lock ensures that the credit card knife cannot open on its own while in the pocket or drawer. It makes it child proof. A green indicator signals that the blade is locked, and it can be opened with a flick of the thumb. A subtle protective hilt appears when the cardsharp 2 utility knife is in an open position and prevents the hand from slipping onto the 2.6 inch (66mm) long blade. The folding mechanism is impervious to water and rusting. This ensures that the cardsharp knife is dishwasher proof and will not be prone to rust like normal penknives.

cardsharp 2 credit card knife

Kept conveniently and safely in a wallet, the lightweight cardsharp 2 wallet knife, at just 12 grams, will always come handy. It is thinner and lighter than traditional knives and yet the blade is made of surgical stainless steel, providing superior sharpness and durability. This ultra-thin and ultra-light design ensures that the cardsharp 2 utility knife fits comfortably in your pocket or wallet.

The body of the cardsharp 2 iain sinclair credit card utility knife is made of super light polypropylene and provides an integrated way of covering the blade, preventing any accidental cuts when not in use. This comes in handy when the knife is stowed away. The iain sinclair cardsharp2 utility knife combines real world function with sleek, aesthetic design. A snap open lock mechanism enables the knife to be opened using one hand and ensures the knife is safe and secure to use once opened with no blade tremor. While the cardsharp 2 iain sinclair credit card knife doesn’t offer as much utility as a multi-tool, it’s a featherlight (13 gram) knife that’s easy to transport anywhere. The knife can slide easily into a wallet, pocket or gear bag, and the blade locks into its sheath so it won’t open accidentally.

It’s not too difficult to imagine uses for a thin, razor-sharp go-anywhere knife. The iain sinclair credit card knife is useful for everything from emergency wilderness survival to arts and crafts. With surgical blade technology made from non-rusting stainless steel, this invention is as clean and as sharp as a carton knife and highly suitable for anything from carton opening, gardening, camping, DIY, cooking to pencil sharpening.

The iain sinclair cardsharp 2 credit card knife is lighter, safer, easier to use and more pocketable than a many penknifes.

Buy iain sinclair credit card knife cardsharp 2

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