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Clothing security tags form an integral part of an EAS system. The tag is basically a small “signal transmitter” that is attached to the merchandise that you want to protect. The security tag will signal to the EAS antennas causing them to alarm if it comes close to them e.g. if someone is trying to shoplift the merchandise by exiting without paying/removing the tag.

EAS technology is not new, therefore, it is reliable, well tested and highly functional. It is one of the easiest methods used to protect merchandise. The tags will sound an alarm when they are in close proximity to the antennas, thus alerting your security staff to intervene when someone is trying to steal the merchandise. The presence of the antennas also presents some kind of a deterrent to potential shoplifters, causing potential thieves to avoid the store.

Security tags work hand in hand with security tag removers, also known as security tag detachers. These are devices uses to deactivate, detach or decouple the EAS security tags.

Buy security tag remover, clothes tag remover magnet, Alpha S3 handkey, handheld detacher gun, magnetic security tag remover, tag detacher and security tags here at tagdetacher.com. Popular EAS tag remover magnets include the S3 handkey magnetic tag remover for S3 Alpha security tag removals, spider wraps, hangers and hooks. The S3 key spider wire remover helps you remove security tag from clothes with ease while serving your customers.

The other popular clothes security tag remover magnet is the 6000GS sensor remover. As a clothing security tag removal tool, this is an excellent detacher for EAS hard tags. It’s a very useful buzzer popper. The strongest detacher magnet that we stock is the 20000GS universal security tag remover, which boasts of a 20000GS clothing security tag remover magnet. For easy security tag removal from clothes, this is the best all round hard tag detacher. Remove ink security tag easily with this detacher magnet.