Chin Massager Neckline Portable Slimmer for Double Chin




Portable chin massager neckline slimmer neck exerciser suitable for both men and women. This double chin slimmer is small, stylish and convenient to carry. Equipped with three different strength springs, it can produce different massage effect. This double chin massager can eliminate excess fat in jaw, and help you shape a perfect your face type. It can eliminate the double chin when used regularly, making your chin more beautiful. The neckline chin slimmer is suitable for both men and women. Note: This item is not suitable for medical treatment. The neck line chin exerciser is very light, and weighs only 115g. Item size: 136 * 5.6 * 4.2cm. Package includes: 1 pc Neckline slimmer double chin massager, with 3 springs and an instruction manual.

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