Security RFID Reader Writer EM4100 T5577 125khz USB + free rewritable tag




New Security RFID Reader Writer EM4100 T5577 125khz USB, Smart ID Card Reader and Writer Duplicater for EM4100, compatible EM4305 T5577  Copier. Specifications: 125khz RFID reader / writer with USB interfce. It can support Write/Copy EM4305,8800,ATAT5577, T5557, T5567, CET5200 or compatible cards/tags. It can support Read EM 4001,EM4200 or compatible cards/tags. Could Read and Write and copy/duplicate ID cards and re-use Applications: Widely used in entrances, consumption, hotel locks, water, electricity and gas meters, and a range of IC card management application systems. Product parameters:

  1. Chip type: ATA5577.
  2. Storage capacity: 363bits.
  3. Endurance: 100,000.
  4. Operating frequency: 125KHZ.
  5. Data Retention: 10 years.
  6. Communication speed: 9600bonds.
  7. Read/write Distance: 0-10cm.
  8. Packaging materials: ABS.
  9. Dimension: 104 X 68 X 10mm.
  10. Operating Temperature: -20 degree ~ 55 degree.
  11. Weight: 0.09KG.
  12. Supported Systems: Windows 2000 / XP / NT / ME / Vista.
  13. Supports write/copy cards/tags type:EM4305, 8800,ATAT5577, T5557, T5567,CET5200,or compatible cards / tags.

14.Support Read EM 4001,EM4200 or compatible cards/tags. Note: Does not Support H-I-D Card. Package includes:

  • 1 x USB ID card reader & Writer.
  • 1 x CD with drives.
  • 1pcs rewritable tag.
  • 1 pcs Master testing tag.

Shipping time: 7 – 15 days. 
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