Security tag remover 15000GS + Sensormatic hook key detacher + S3 Alpha compatible key

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About the tag remover 15000GS

This universal clothes security tag detacher / remover has a magnetic force of 15000GS. The EAS universal security tag remover is a very powerful clothing tag removal tool which will save you and your staff a lot of valuable time. This magnetic tag detacher is able to remove pins from almost all magnetic hard tags. This is the most powerful magnetic tag detacher in its class. It has a super magnetic aluminium coating which gives it its silvery color. This security tag remover is compatible with all standard or super lock tags; EAS tags, EAS safer and EAS products. It is suitable for use in supermarkets, fashion stores, or any store where there is a need to save time by using a strong universal tag detacher magnet. This is a reusable EAS system security tag remover with extraordinary durability, and outstanding performance when it comes to detaching security tags. It is beautiful in appearance, and very easy to use. This is a high quality security tag removal tool. It’s dimensions are 3 X 3 X 2 inches (8 X 8 X 5 cm), It weighs 1.43 lbs (0.65 kg). Rated at a magnetic force of 15000GS, it is one of the most powerful security tag detachers in the market.
S3 Alpha Compatible key for spider wraps, hangers and hooks
Would you like to detach S3 Alpha tags, spider wraps and hanger hooks quickly and effortlessly? The S3 Handkey for Alpha S3 tags is exactly what you need. This clothes security tag remover detacher key quickly detaches the following EAS S3 Alpha tags, hangers and hooks: 2alarm spider wraps, 3alarm spider wraps, safer, display pegboard hook, bottle tag, Alpha 2 and 3 alarms and CD / DVD games disk keepers. This high quality S3 Alpha magnetic security tag removal tool works quickly and efficiently. The Alpha S3 compatible security tag detacher key contains a detacher magnet with a magnetic intensity of 5000GS.
This high quality Sensormatic tag detacher hook key opens all EAS store security clothes tags that come with a hole on top. The hook key can be used as a replacement for the Sensormatic detacher unit, or it can be used on its own as a clothes security tag remover without the AMD3040 / MK225 and AMD3050 detachers.  Therefore, it can be used as an economical alternative to the detacher machine. It is compatible with the following EAS hard tags: SuperTag, SuperTag II/III, Mini SuperTag, Alarming SuperTag, SuperTag Visible Source Tags (VST). This clothes tag remover is very easy to use and it is made out of composite quality steel.
Package contains: 1pc Bullet tag detacher 6000GS and 1pc Sensormatic security tag detacher Hook Key.

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