Bullet EAS magnetic tag detacher tag remover for stoplocks 6000gs 6,000gs

£13.95 £12.95

This high quality EAS magnetic bullet security tag detacher has a magnetic force of 6000GS. It is a very well-crafted,  reusable product with extraordinary durability. The universal clothes tag detacher 6000GS is very easy to use, while offering outstanding security tag removal performance. It will certainly help you and your staff to perform your duties quickly and efficiently. It has a diameter of 1 inch (22mm), and it is 2.3 inches (58mm) long. Material: magnetic aluminum coating.

Package contains: 1x Bullet EAS magnetic tag detacher tag remover for stoplocks 6000gs.

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  1. Macy P

    I received it today. It looks smaller than I expected. Will test it later today.

  2. Lilly W

    Very nice 🙂

  3. Mary8565

    I love this store… Thanks

  4. cooper andre

    so far so good.

  5. Snis0036

    conforme & agrave; la description.

  6. Precious–J

    Very good quality. Good store.

  7. Ambrose_Ezet11

    Nice and easy to keep in the pocket. The key chain helps too.

  8. [email protected]

    Late delivery, but the lady gave me a partial refund which was rather sweet.

  9. Maria_86kov

    Отличный продавец!

  10. Leroy Jerome

    Much better quality than the one I have. But I just realized this one is 6000GS and not 5000GS.

  11. Greg_4587

    Cool. Tested and awesome.

  12. Mavis_3429

    All good. Will buy another detacher. <3

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