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False scam claim turns out to be cheap tricks by competitor

Someone, probably our competitor, posted a review on a scam site claiming that they bought something from us which we never delivered. Unfortunately they didn’t check their facts. This website came into existence 2 months after the time they claim to have made their purchase. You can google it anywhere on the net and it will show you the exact date this domain came into existetnce. How were they able to buy from us before we even started operating? The whole review is ridiculous e.g. the writer claims that even though they bought the goods in July, Paypal will only allow them to open a case 3 months later. That’s unheard of.

To top it all off, the writer contacts us asking for payment so that he removes the false review. He pretends he “stumbled upon” the false review, and suddenly he is the only one who can remove it. It’s very unfortunate when some competitors stoop to this level. Instead of focusing on marketing their own products, they engage in these despicable acts. Here is the review:

I purchase a detacher from :judges: september 23rd. He promised it would ship by july 27th at the latest. He has not shipped the detacher and now does not answer e mails. I can not open a pay pal clain until October 20 because that is his estimated delivery date. Does my time expire to open a claim or can I still get my money refunded? I guess it’s my fault for trying out someone with no history. Fool me once but never again. Now I’m out $75.51. People like this turn people away from e commerce with good reason. It’s an expensive lesson for me. Thank you. :madgo:

We have never had such a customer, and we have never had a delivery period of 3 months. We do not have any product that sells for this amount, and the totals of any of our products would never come to $75.51.

From the English that has been used in this review, we can discern who the suspects are.

We handle hundreds of transactions daily, and all orders are shipped and delivered.

Please buy with confidence. Paypal and our credit card processor will never allow us to scam you.