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How to charge a Lifepo4 battery lithium iron phosphate solar battery

Instructions to Charge a LiFePO4 Battery

Charging Batteries in Series Best Practices 

Associating lithium batteries in arrangement is similar as interfacing them in equal, it is ideal to energize every battery exclusively and check the voltage and guarantee they are inside 50mV(0.05V) of one another prior to making the arrangement associations.

It is enthusiastically prescribed to charge lithium batteries in arrangement with a multi-bank charger. This implies every battery is charged simultaneously yet totally autonomous of one another. In certain applications this isn’t commonsense, which is the reason RELiON offers 24V and 48V batteries to diminish the requirement for various batteries in arrangement.

RELiON Battery 

What might be said about During Storage?

Lithium iron phosphate batteries are such a ton simpler to store than lead-corrosive batteries. For momentary capacity of 3-6 months, you don’t need to do a thing. Preferably, leave them at around half condition of charge prior to putting away. For long haul stockpiling, it is ideal to store them at a half condition of charge and afterward cycle them by releasing them, re-energizing them and afterward in part releasing them to around half, every 6 a year.

The Key Differences Between Lithium Iron Phosphate and Lead-Acid Batteries When It Comes to Charging.


batteries can charge at significantly higher current and they charge more viably than lead-destructive, which suggests they can be charged speedier.


batteries don’t should be charged on the off chance that they are halfway released. Dissimilar to lead-corrosive batteries, which when left in a halfway condition of charge will sulfate, definitely lessening execution and life.


lithium batteries accompany an inside Battery Management System


that safeguards the battery from being over-charged, however lead-destructive batteries can be over-charged, extending the speed of grid utilization and shortening battery life.

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