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Devices for how to get security tag off clothes

At, we are always striving to offer new and innovative products to our customers. The following retail security tag detachers were added to our store last month. These detaggers will enable you to quickly remove security tags from clothes in your store as you serve your customers.

White Superlock Golf Security Tag Detacher 12000GS Remover EAS Magnetic White

This beautiful golf security clothes tag detacher is a powerful magnetic store security tag remover with a strength of 12000GS. It detaches most types of Radio Frequency (RF) tags in use today. The EAS magnetic store security tag detacher is designed to be placed on top of the counter, in the point-of-sale area, and secured from the base with screws. It is about 71mm in diameter (2.8in), and weighs about 400g (14oz). This clothes security sensor tag detacher contains a strong permanent detacher magnet and detaches almost all kinds of standard tags.
This detachert is one of the most powerful store security tag detachers in the market. The superlock golf tag remover is compatible with mini hard tags, large hard tags, golf tags, mini clam tags, regular clam tags, stylus tags,  mini stylus tags, mini stylus with lanyard tag.

EAS sunglass security tag detacher optical spectacles tag remover opener

Superlock Golf Security Tag Detacher 12000GS Remover EAS Magnetic Black

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