Sensormatic Tag Detacher Key Hook EAS Clothes Security Tag Remover

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The sensormatic hook tag detacher key is probably the most well-known of all the clothes security tag removers, mainly because it is inexpensive, durable and small. This store security tag detacher hook key was designed to fit inside the larger detaching device known as the AMD-3040 hand held security tag remover unit . It is the main component of the Sensormatic AMD-3040 and AMD-3050 security tag detacher units. This is why it is usually used as a replacement key for the handheld security tag removers. In order to cut costs when you open your store, you can actually opt to use this sensormatic tag detacher key on its own. However, the hand-held store security tag detacher unit is an easier way of guiding the hook into the correct position when inserted into the security tag. Nevertheless, with a little practice, this can be done by hand. As a result, this negates the need to purchase a large, bulky hand-held security tag detacher before you start turning a profit.


Sensormatic tags are the easiest clothing security tags to remove, far more easier than any magnetic hard tags. As long as you have a sensormatic detacher hook or sensormatic detacher key you will be able to save yourself and your staff a lot of valuable time. No need for batteries or an electrical source.

As a clothes security tag removal tool, the eas detacher hook can be used to open all types of hard tags from the SuperTag family.

A unique aspect of the SuperTag family of tags is that, unlike most other types of store security tags, none of them are magnetic based. This means that they cannot be discoupled with a magnet. The reason for this is that, Sensormatic holds a patent on the SuperTag’s locking mechanism, which consists of a pin that is connected by a rotary clamp and spring gate. This is where the sensormatic hook key comes in; the hook has a groove which acts as a key when inserted into that locking mechanism. This tag detacher hook is known by many names, as you can see from this extract from our store:

This clothes security tag remover / detacher key opens all Sensormatic EAS store security clothes tags that come with a hole on top in a matter of seconds, saving you and your staff a lot of time. The security tag remover hook / key can be used as a replacement for the detacher unit, or it can be used to remove the Sensormatic tags by itself without the detacher.

The clothes tag detacher hook key is compatible with the following EAS hard tags: SuperTag SuperTag II/III Mini SuperTag Alarming SuperTag SuperTag Visible Source Tags (VST). This clothes security tag detacher is very easy to use. The eas security tag remover hook is made of composite quality and highly resistant steel.

This security tag removal tool is also a replacement part for the Sensormatic AMD3040 / MK225 and AMD3050. Since it is also functional by itself, it can be used as an economical alternative to the AMD machine 3040 and AMD3050, helping you remove or detach your clothes tags quickly and efficiently. This is a high quality store security tag removal tool. This product is also known as the sensormatic hook, security tag removal hook and sensormatic detacher hook key.



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