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Smear tactics by competitor claiming is a scam

Rather unfortunately, one of our competitors has gone on the rampage to conduct smear campaign against us. He posts bogus reviews all over the inetrnet claiming that they bought something from us which we never delivered. Unfortunately they didn’t check their facts. When you buy, you are already protected by Paypal. Should we run away with the goods, Paypal will refund you the customer. It’s a very simple and straight forward process. This is known throughout the world. Should it happen that we run away with your money, Paypal will refund you from their own pocket. So, how many times can we run away with your money, while Paypal happily refunds you from their own purse?

As far as I’m aware, it’s impossible to run an ongoing scam while being paid via Paypal. The first time you run away with the money and fail to deliver the goods, they will suspend you. Therefore, these unfounded and childish claims by our competitor are utter rubbish. After you place an order on our site, we will send you a tracking number within 3 days, and we will continue to respond to your enquiries.

Our checkout process takes place on As far as I know, Paypal has always run a very secure payments platform. We never ever receive any of your payment details, and Paypal clearly states on their website that they never share your card details with the merchant. Therefore, you can rest assured that your payment details are secure when you buy from our site. You may also notice that there is a small padlock displayed in the address bar just before our website name. That’s because we run a very secure site.

To top it all off, the writer contacts us asking for payment so that he removes the false review. He pretends he “stumbled upon” the false review, and suddenly he is the only one who can remove it. It’s very unfortunate when some competitors stoop to this level. Instead of focusing on marketing their own products, they engage in these despicable acts.

We handle hundreds of transactions daily, and all orders are shipped and delivered.

Please buy with confidence. Paypal will never allow us to scam you.