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Superlock Golf Magnetic Store Security Tag Remover 12000GS EAS Tag Detacher 12000 GS

The Superlock Golf Clothes Security Tag Detacher can be bought here. It is a powerful clothing security tag remover that is capable of decoupling most types of Radio Frequency (RF) tags on the market today. If you want to buy a golf tag detacher, this is the right place. This universal magnetic tag detacher boasts of a tag detacher magnet with a magnetic strength of 12000GS. The hard tags that this EAS golf retail tag detacher device works on offer more protection for you as a vendor. This EAS golf store tag remover is designed to be placed on the countertop, in the point-of-sale area, and secured from the base (there are multiple holes underneath for this purpose). It is approximately 71mm in diameter (2.8in), and weighs about 400g (14oz). Rated at 12,000GS (Gauss) this product is one of the most powerful store security tag detachers available. Guass is the unit of magnetic field strength measured from the surface. It is important to know because security tags cannot be opened with just an average magnet. In fact, some types of security tags cannot be opened with anything less than 10000 GS. The shape of the superlock golf clothing security tag detacher is also important because it allows for placement of clamshell (or golf) hard tags flush against its surface. Therefore, if you intend to use these types of security tags, you will need this magnetic hard tag detacher.

The most common Superlock Golf Clothes Tag Detacher is constructed of an outer aluminium coating. Inside are several neodymium magnets (rare earth magnets) that are glued together as one piece in the shape of a cross. We have 3 types of EAS superlock golf magnetic tag detachers in our store.

Black superlock golf magnetic tag detacher tag remover EAS.


White superlock golf tag remover magnetic EAS clothes tag detacher.


Silver  superlock golf security tag detacher magnetic EAS clothes tag remover.


The golf store security tag detacher is able to remove clothes security tag pins from most magnetic hard tags.  This security tag remover is compatible with mini hard tags, large hard tags, golf tags, mini clam tags, regular clam tags, stylus tags,  mini stylus tags, mini stylus with lanyard tag, Sensormatic, AMT 1000 tags, Boxguard tags, Knogo Super Satalite tags, Knogo Satalite tags, and Onvi Security Tags.  This is the most powerful EAS magntic detacher in its class.  The magnetic force of the tag remover magnet is 12000GS / 12,000GS / 12000 GS. This is a high quality clothing tag remover. It is popular in retailing and EAS systems. Feel free to browse our selection of various clothes security tag removers to find one suitable for your store.


An interesting new addition to our range is the S3 Alpha compatible key security tag remover:

The S3 detacher key security tag remover for S3 Alpha security tags, spider wraps, hangers and hooks. The S3 hand key for Alpha S3 tags is the magnetic clothes security tag remover key that you need in your store as part of your shoplifting prevention arsenal. This S3 key spider wire remover helps you remove security tag from clothes with ease while serving your customers. The clothes security tag remover magnet quickly detaches the following EAS Alpha S3 tags, hangers and hooks: 2 alarm spider wraps, 3 alarm spider wraps, safer, display pegboard hook, bottle tag, Alpha 2 and 3 alarms and CD / DVD games disk keepers. The high quality S3 Alpha magnetic security tag removal tool works quickly and efficiently. The Alpha S3 compatible security tag detacher key contains a detacher magnet with a magnetic intensity of 5000GS.

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