Automatic incubator egg turning egg turner motor 220V high torque with gear



Automatic incubator motor with high torque 220V. This is the professional industrial egg turning motor used on cabinet incubators such as the Incubator 264, Incubator 528 etc. This is a very powerful incubator motor capable of turning eggs of up to 120kg / 265lbs weight.

Enameled copper magnet synchronous motor, reversing gear – 2.5 revolutions per minute.

Speed: 2.5 rev / 1 minute.

Power supply: 220V

Power: 14 W

Size: app. 6cm x 8cm/2.36” x 3.15”

Shipping time: 7 – 15 days.

Package contains: 1 X Automatic incubator egg turning gear motor 220V.


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  1. Lorenzo_J

    Very strong motor. I’m using it on a 528 eggs machine.

  2. Leon_C

    Fitted and working.

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