Solar battery Lithium Ion Phosphate Lifepo4 battery pack 12V 150AH Deep Cycle



Lifepo4 Solar battery Deep Cycle Lithium Ion Phosphate battery pack 12V 150AH with 95% depth of discharge. The battery pack incorporates a BMS to manage the battery condition. Excellent when used as a UPS battery. The battery case is made out of aluminium. Long life span of about 10 years.


Solar battery Lithium Iron Phosphate Lifepo4 battery pack

Size: (507 X 256 X 193) mm

(20 X 10 X 8) inches

Rated voltage: 12.8V

Maximum input current: 100A

Maximum output current 100A

Continuous use input current: 40A

Continuous use output current: 80A

Charging voltage : 14.4 – 15V

Cycle life: Discharge cycle 2000 times


Package includes: 1 X Lifepo4 Deep Cycle Solar battery Lithium Ion Phosphate battery pack 12V 150AH

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    Absolutely magnificent. Excellent quality

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